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About Me...

My name is Loreta and I am a STRICTLY professional Massage Therapist with full qualifications.

Some 15 years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

In my Country of birth (Lithuania) although medicines are not always up to date like Eastern Europe, aftercare is probably more important in recovery and healing.

Health Spas and regular massage are a key part of this service.

Having learned the benefits of this for myself and for many, many other conditions I decided I wanted to pursue a career in ​Therapy, Helping others and most of all helping people feel good about themselves.

These are purely Natural ​remedies used the world over for centuries.​

I use a range of Quality beautiful lotions​ and oils.​

Each client has a full consultation on their first visit and the oils and lotions I use are tailored to my clients ​needs for maximum effect and benefit.​

In my experience too many Therapists offer good massage but cheap or non focused products thus not maximising​ the heath benefit to the client. 

I only buy and use quality products.

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